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At CE lifts we offer an extensive range of new car turntables and also specialise in sales, service and repair throughout the UK.

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Our vehicle turntables are ideal for car showrooms and for parking solutions for commercial and domestic uses. Speak to our specially trained car turntables advisors who will be happy to help you with all your queries.

Car Turntables Specialists

Specialists in car parking solutions, we are able to create bespoke vehicle turntable configurations suitable for small or unusual spaces.

Car Turntables Services

At CE lifts we can supply and install car turntables. We also service, maintain and repair car turntables, offering a 365 day a year, 24 hour a day service for any urgent repairs.

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A car turntable is a platform that can be rotated, designed specifically to move cars. They tend to be used mostly in residential garages or driveways to allow easier access to the road. They are ideal for small driveways where turning is not possible. The use of a car turntable means that instead of backing out onto a busy road, you can simply turn the car round and drive out front ways, making it much safer for you and others on the road.

Car turntables are constructed to fit into the ground and can be driven on and off easily. They can be designed to blend in with existing surroundings, creating a smooth look. The platform is rotated either manually or by motor and can be operated easily from the car using a garage door style clicker.

All in all, car turntables offer a very simple solution to our increasing parking difficulties, making the most of small car parking spaces by allowing a manoeuvrability that would otherwise not be possible.

Omer Ralla 25 Car Turntable Platform

Ralla 25 is a turntable platform ideal for those spaces where maneuvering the vehicle would prove extremely complex. XXXX

Load: 2500kg
Car Turntables : Read more about Omer Ralla 25 Car Turntable Platform
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