ECO R Series

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R Series has been conceived as a single, independent and self-sufficient system but can be combined.

Capacity: Max 3400 Lt

Max load: 150 Kg/

Industry Sectors:

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


R Series has been conceived as a single, independent and self-sufficient system, but it can be combined with other similar equipment to create stations up to 6 elements, with a single electrical-hydraulic control unit. So it earns the maximum flexibility with minimum costs, plus the possibility to implement units to meet changing operating needs.

R Series can be connected to solar/photovoltaic power system for its working.

Main Technical features

  • Telescopicity (patented) between the “bins” platform and the “cap” platform by an “adjustable tray” which is disconnected from the lifting device. 
  • Bin extraction only from the street side.
  • Lateral giudes ECO 1R: Device lifting by mean of one vertical simple effect cylinder connected to the slides and runners fixed to the pit side wall.
  • Scissor ECO 1R or ECO 2R: Device lifting by mean of a “pantograph” actioned by n.2 vertical simple effect cylinders and n.1 horizontal cylinder with the function of an hydraulic and mechanical forces distributor.
  • The “Cap” platform is covered by non skid plates.
  • The “Cap” has its fulcrum on a pit side.
  • The “Cap” platform loading capacity in static position: pedestrian -150 Kg/
  • The “Bins” platform is covered by non skid steel plates 
  • All the steel structures are hot dip galvanized according to the DIN regulations.
  • The tower-conveyor is painted with anti-scar micaceous finishing and is equipped with a rotating manual entry (kid-proof) of 45 lt. volume. 
  • Unit pre-tested in factory and partially pre-assembled.