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Suitable for densely populated areas and/or areas with high waste production concentration. Roll on/off press compactor  of  Cubic 3 or 5 m 

Capacity: 3 or 5 cubic metre

Max load: 250 Kg/

Industry Sectors:

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


One single system replaces numerous standard bins giving back to the community space that can be utilized for new purposes and uses. The ECOCOMPACT can be also used for satellite vehicles as transferring waste station and for sweepers.

Main Technical features

  • Telescopicity (patented) between the “compactor” platform and the “inclined cap” platform by means of n. 4 WWL lifting belts anchored to the unit base that  slide in pulleys and  guides. These WWL lifting belts incline the cap itself in order to increase the clearance between the two platforms during the lifting phase: in this way the pit excavation, the unit movement duration, the compactor rolling on/off procedure are reduced to the minimum.
  • Compactor loading and  unloading with the truck stopped in position.
  • Device lifting by mean of a “pantograph” actioned by n. 2 vertical simple effect cylinders and  n. 1 horizontal cylinder as hydraulic and mechanical forces distributor.
  • The “Cap” platform can be paved (max. of 100 Kg/
  • The “Cap” platform loading capacity in static position is 250 Kg/
  • The “Cap” platform is made waterproof and insulated by an insulation board - 40 mm- (e.g. FESCO-BORAD™) and by a bituminous layer.
  • The “compactor” platform is covered by non skid steel plates and  is areated in the center.
  • All the steel structures are hot dip galvanized according to the DIN regulation.
  • Stress discharge at the 4 corners of the pit base.
  • The “Compactor” platform equipped with the compactor rolling guides and  the compactor stop back bar.
  • The tower-conveyor is painted with anti-scar micaceous finishing and  equipped with a rotating manual entry (kid-proof) of 110 lts., 225 lts. capacity.
    - Unit pre-tested in factory and  partially pre-assembled.