EcoVimec Elevator Platform Lift

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ECOVimec is the new traction lift, environmentally friendly because it doesn't use hydraulic oil.

Max load: 400 KG

Industry Sectors:

Platform Lifts

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


ECOVimec is the new traction lift, environmentally friendly because it doesn't use hydraulic oil and, regarding the whole market,it's the first to adopt innovative technology solutions.

Compliant to 42/2006 Machine Directive
The ECOVimec elevator has several safety devices for users developed in more than thirty years of experience: as a standard it provides the infrared barrier at the entrance, the load control and the device to communicate with outside the cabin.
The automatic emergency operation, with three batteries, gives the user complete independence to any use of the elevator.

For a tailored made product, the telescopic doors are available both for cabin and on the floor.
For all kind of living spaces , even for public premises
The ECOVimec elevator is an MRL-roomless Machine type: it means that it requires reduced spaces; it has a load capacity of 400 kg, with a list of finishings (LED lights, wall materials) that are able to better respond to customer requests.

To overcome the architectural barrier this product is suitable for all types of users (with Braille controls, height buttons compliant to EN81-41, aluminum handle).

Unique, reliable and customizable
EcoVimec is quiet and consumes less than 1.5 kW.
It provides new technical solutions and it adds value to the context in which it is installed.
A wide range of customizations gives the opportunity to choose a real tailored product to the needs of the family or any other user (shops, banks, restaurants, offices, public places).