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CE lifts offer a wide range of new hydraulic lifts and also specialise in servicing and repair throughout the UK.

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We are specialists in Hydraulic lifts and can supply a wide range of lifts in tailored sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

Hydraulic Lifts Services

We offer all Hydraulic lift services, including bespoke lift installations, refurbishment, maintenance, servicing and repairs throughout the UK. It's critical that lifts are serviced on a regular basis and any problems are repaired straightaway to ensure that the safety of the lift is maintained.

We offer a year round, 24 hour a day service. Please contact us with your servicing requirements and we'll be happy to advise you.

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Hydraulic lifts have a variety of uses and are therefore employed in a range of environments. Different designs using hydraulics are used to lift goods, people, machines and cars. This means that hydraulic lifts can be seen in a number of guises - 2 and 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, platform lifts etc.

The system works by using hydraulic pressure as the force for movement, with air compressors, electric motors or fuel motors putting pressure on the fluid (often oil) within the system, creating the force to move the required object. One of the main advantages of hydraulic lifts is that they are particularly suited to carrying heavy loads, making them ideal as heavy goods lifts and for lifting and moving cars.

Have a look at our hydraulic lifts below and give us a call to discuss whether this is the lift for you. Our expert advisors are available for you to talk through your requirements to make sure you get the right product for your setting.

Hydro GPL 80F Heavy duty goods lifts up to 8000kg
Capacity: <13.5 Meters squared
Load: 4000-8000KG
Hydraulic Lifts : Read more about Hydro GPL 80F Heavy duty goods lifts up to 8000kg
Hydraulic MRL-Lift with Cabinet

MRL–MC (machinery cabinet) situated on the landing rather than in the pit or machine room

Capacity: 4-13 person
Load: 1025kg
Hydraulic Lifts : Read more about Hydraulic MRL-Lift with Cabinet
Hydraulic MRL-T Lift

Hydraulic MRL-T Lift

Capacity: 4-8 persons
Load: 630kg
Hydraulic Lifts : Read more about Hydraulic MRL-T Lift
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