Hydraulic MRL-T Lift

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Hydraulic MRL-T Lift

Capacity: 4-8 persons

Max load: 630kg

Industry Sectors:

Passenger Lifts | MRL Lifts |

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


Our MRL-T (Tower) hydraulic, which features a tower shaped tank located in the pit, eliminates the need for a machine room or landing mounted cabinet. This option is great for when space is precious but the cost saving benefits of a hydraulic lift are required.

All the advantages of an MRL without compromising safety requirements!

Technologically Advanced

  •  Electronic valve provides:

- High ride performance with gradual and undetected acceleration and deceleration, and accurate floor levelling with no vibration

- Reduction in power requirements

  • Soft starter available to reduce initial current
  • Greatly reduced noise levels
  • Eco-fluids or mineral oil can be used Flexible
  • Car can be “finished” to the customer’s choice including:

- Wide range of elegant wall panels

- Easy assembly

  • Reduced overall shaft dimensions