Jaguar - Passenger/Goods Lifts

Jaguar Land Rover recently completed a new engineering centre at Whitley in Coventry, a new state of the art test centre for Testing CO2 omissions and future engineering designs.


CE lifts were invited to design, manufacture, Install and maintain the following project lift units.


Firstly the client had a basic requirement for a 2000Kg Goods/Passenger lift. CE Lifts used our Heavy duty Hydraulic model with special pattern stainless steel interior protected by using industrial rubber bumper rials to protect the lift Car for the long term.



Secondly, the clients unique requirement was for a special vehicle lift to transport vehicles to the upper floor of the new building ready for government inspection procedures.

This bespoke Vehicle lift was required to lift 4500kg with platform dimensions of 3000mm wide  x 7000mm long to accommodate their largest vehicle plus a Stringo lifting device  plus  operator , who is then able to operate the lift whilst riding on the unit up and down under the machinery directive.The whole load had a rise of 4300mm.


CE lifts used a special version of the Omer Total Rex Scissor lift with up and over sectional doors by Hormann interfaced and linked to the vehicle lift at each level.

In addition the platform has special automatic locking pin devices which hold the platform perfectly horizontal to finished floor levels whilst being loaded with no deflection.


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