Lift Installations

Our lifts and Car parking Solutions are tailored to suit your specific requirements and site conditions.

If you need a passenger lift, goods lift, special lifts to fit existing shaft sizes and Car Parking Lift Solutions for many environments, CE Lifts will provide a wide range of products for you at competitive prices, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned for service with full 24/7 after sales support.

With our experience and expertise we work closely with clients, architects, designers, consultants, builders, developers and main contractors. We give our full commitment to all projects whether small, medium or large, single sites or multiple site projects.

CE Lifts has built a reputation with its ability to deal with non-standard requirements, often due to stringent specification or physical building constraints, for both modernisation and installations. CE Lifts prides itself on its ability to provide cost effective solutions for all its clients.

Our clients range from small private individuals, commercial property companies, hotels, leisure facilities, property developers, retirement homes, care homes, medical centres, car parking requirements and many other types of client and application.

We supply and install equipment that is at the forefront of innovation in lift engineering, together with flexible specifications to give you more creative freedom. Our comprehensive range of lifts includes hydraulic lifts, and traction lifts.

Lifts can be supplied WITH or WITHOUT MOTOR ROOMS MRL.


All of our lift installations are available in a complete range of sizes and finishes, on time and most importantly, within budget.

For a Lift Installations service:

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Motor Roomless Lifts

CE Lifts specialise in MOTOR ROOMLESS lifts that each have a drive unit located within the lift shaft. The drive unit steelwork is fitted to the car and counterweight guide rails with insulation pads. The loads imposed by the drive unit are transmitted down the guide rails to the pit floor, eliminating any need for the builder to fit additional lift supporting motor steels.

The units can be manufactured with stand alone self-supporting structured units with cladding in sheet steel or glass as options.

Car parking Lifts/Solutions and Space Savers.

We have a complete range from car stackers to sub terrain car Lifts with fully automatic systems for a wide variety of applications with a full design service

Other Lift Services

Maintenance you can rely on. Perhaps all your lift needs is quality maintenance to give you the reliable lift service your company requires. CE Lifts can provide that reliability by carrying out regular quality servicing with a positive response to any problem 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
Why we need to make modernisations on elevators, There are many reasons. click link below to find out more.