Majestic Hotel - Passenger Lifts, MRL Goods Lift and Disabled Access Lift

The client originally wanted a goods lift to serve each floor at the back of house for trolleys and cleaning rooms. We decided a fully motor room less units would work best as there was no space for a motor room above it.  All the equipment is in the lift shaft.


There was further interest in making the two front of house passenger lifts look a little smarter by refurbishing the lift cars. After surveying the running gear and controllers for the  lifts,  which had been very unreliable, we recommended complete new lifts for long term and reliable operation within the new fully modernised hotel surroundings.


We had design issues in the existing, very tight lift shafts with poor masonry to fix too, so we engineered special fixing brackets. We were able to design the lifts with the landing doors pushed forward onto the landing floors to give us compliant DDA Regulations units for full Wheelchair use as 8 person 630Kg Lifts. We were able to reuse the existing motor room and redesign all the steel work to be able to pick up the hitch and load points to the lift car and Counterweight balances. 

The lifts were completed with Full Duplex control with VVVF Drive and control for smooth operation. The Majestic Hotel can look forward many years of reliable service


Building control required disabled access from the street.  A wheelchair platform capable of working outside was provided and installed in four weeks.



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