MRL geared Lift 4 to 13 person

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Machine room-less elevator (MRL) is the optimal price-performance system

Capacity: 21

Max load: 1600 KG

Industry Sectors:

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This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


Our machine room-less elevator (MRL) is the optimal price-performance system which gives maximum results for a minimal price. The Sassi Leo geared machine is always positioned in the top of the shaft. Solution with 1:1 roping system can achieve up to 1 m/s speed and 630 kg duty load. This solution is designed in order to make a price effective simple product for all standard cases. However the solution with 2:1 roping system offers speeds up to 1,6 m/s and 1600 kg duty load or more. This solution gives all the advantages of a machine room-less elevator at a very good price. We have standard dimensions but according to demand we can design an elevator suitable for any existing shaft. 

The E-type serial solution control system is used. This excellent electronic system has many advantages such as EN 81-70 (DDA) specifications. It is worth mentioning that the E-type control system can offer a full monitoring remote system over the internet using newly developed software.