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Our NHS bed lifts are designed to provide the safe, comfortable and efficient transport of patients which every hospital needs.

Capacity: 26 to 33 Persons

Max load: 2000 - 2500 KG

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This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


Healthcare in the UK is changing fast.
Modern-day hospitals and private care facilities need lifts that can combine a smooth ride with reliability, toughness - and an ability to adapt to multiple uses.

CE Lifts offers a flexible range of bed lifts developed specifically to meet the NHS trust requirements and all other relevant guidelines, including :

  • EN81 and the lift directive.
  • HTM2024 - Design considerations for lifts
  • C42A - NHS Model engineering specification - Electric traction lifts
  • C42B - NHS Model engineering specification - Hydraulic lifts

The bed lift also delivers a unique combination of flexibility, durability and ride quality - all of which add up to a long, trouble-free and productive life.

33 Person 2500Kg available on request Click here to view Diagrams

When it comes to healthcare, there's no such thing as a standard requirement - so it's important for any bed-lift to be able to adapt to suit the environment it's needed for. Our lifts can be specified to suit virtually any structure and application whether it's in a new or an existing building. This includes variable dimensions, a choice of hydraulic or traction drives and the option of a self-supporting shaft for older or more awkward buildings.

Ride quality
When moving patients who may be in pain or distress, it's vital to have a bed lift that can move them smoothly, quickly and with the minimum of disruption. That's where our bed lift's state-of-the-art control technology makes such a difference, delivering a smooth, even ride, accurate levelling and reduced travel times.

Lift car
CE Lifts bed lift's are designed specifically for hospital use, the car can be adapted to suit any load, from light bed use to heavy motorised bed or even goods trolleys. Features include 2mm thick reinforced stainless steel front returns, a variety of robust wall finishes, crash rails available at variable heights and covered PVC slip - and water resistant floor finish over a sturdy 25mm marine plywood structure.

Electric traction models would typically be roped 2:1, with the machine located at the top of the lift shaft within a machine room. Hydraulic solutions will always be twin side-acting rams - either in a direct arrangement, or indirect acting,roped 2:1 to acheive slightly higher travel distances.
Note: traction solutions are recommended for any travel greater than 4 floors.

Traction drives are variable voltage, variable frequency, to ensure the smoothest possible ride, accurate levelling and controlled deceleration to floor levels. Hydraulic models are based on high-quality solenoid valve operation using the EV100 valve block.

Options are available to cope with every aspect of a hospital environment (including special services, fire fighting, emergency evacuation, special bed priority service and theatre control). The system can also be adapted to interface with bespoke local security systems, such as swipe card, key pad operation and infra-red remote control.

Typically stainless steel (with a variable frequency door operator for fast smooth operation), car and landing doors can be adapted to suit the environment - from fire-rated glass doors to robust patterned stainless steel, with dimensions as required.

Landing fixtures
Buttons, hall lanterns and position indicators can all be adapted to suit the environment and DDA requirements. You can choose from our extensive standard range (or from other commercially-available suppliers).

Progressive safety gear comes as standard on the bed lift, allowing any potential emergency situation to be securely controlled.