Panoramic Lifts

Panoramic Lifts - Unlimited design flexibility with style...

Special care is taken in the design and manufacture of the panoramic cabins.

Due to the unlimited design flexibility and the wide selection of materials, panoramic cabins are tailor made to meet the individual requirements of each project and ensure harmony with the building's architectural style.

Therefore the lift is upgraded from a means of transport to a high aesthetics element.

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Panoramic Scenic Lifts

DOORS: Finishes include: stainless steel of various finishes, full or part glass and epoxy painted…

LIFT CARS: Bespoke, personal designs

FINAL INTERIOR TOUCHES: Brushed or patterned stainless steel walls, floors in rubber, marble, granite and other non standard options…

Panoramic Lift Characteristics

Each scenic lift installed by CE Lift Installations is designed to contribute richness to the architecture of a building: with beautiful, graceful forms fashioned from the highest quality materials, our scenic lifts combine elegance and precision in a natural manner, and are the ideal choice high-class buildings.

The range of finishes can be as wide as the surroundings require: the only limit to the decorative possibilities of our panoramic lifts are the project's requirements; therefore you can alternate straight and curved forms, domes or polyhedral shapes: all our scenic cabins have a wealth of details that give the facilities their daring, suggestive character.

The glassed-in panels with natural stainless steel frames are combined with floors that can be made of anything from high resistance rubber to fine marble and granite or stainless steel. Designing non-standard options in collaboration with our clients always presents us with an opportunity to offer a unique product.

The collaboration and advice provided from the study stage of each project are common, necessary features for us and this is how we manage to manufacture exclusive, elegant lifts, perfectly integrated into their surroundings.

Many different options are available by request:

Please Contact CE Lifts and our experienced team of lift engineers will be able to advise you on the best solution for your particular installation.

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