Residential Lifts

Professional residential lifts from CE lifts UK. We offer a wide range of new residential lifts and also specialise in residential lifts service and repair throughout the UK. Need a bespoke residential lifts solution - Call us on 07973 819822. Our residential lifts are ideal for domestic & commercial buildings where these residential lifts are used in office blocks, shopping centres & in homes. Speak to our specially trained residential lifts advisors who are happy to help you with all your residential lifts requirements.

Residential Lifts Specialists

We can supply bespoke sizes and configurations to meet your residential lifts needs.

Residential Lifts Services

We offer residential lifts Services including lift installations, lift refurbishment and lift maintenance.

Residential Lifts : Easy Move Platform Lift
<p>Pltaform lift for accessibility</p>
Load: 400 KG
Residential Lifts : Read more about Easy Move Platform Lift
Residential Lifts : Silver Platform Lift
<p>Silver platform lift is the ideal way of assuring the acessibility</p>
Load: 250 KG
Residential Lifts : Read more about Silver Platform Lift
Residential Lifts : Steppy Platform Lift
<p>A simple and safe platform lift for disabled access</p>
Load: 350 / 400 KG
Residential Lifts : Read more about Steppy Platform Lift
Residential Lifts : EcoVimec Elevator Platform Lift
<p>ECOVimec is the new traction lift, environmentally friendly because it doesn't use hydraulic oil.</p>
Load: 400 KG
Residential Lifts : Read more about EcoVimec Elevator Platform Lift
Residential Lifts : The Aquarious Platform Lift
<p>A modern designed Disabled access lift</p>
Load: 300 Kg
Residential Lifts : Read more about The Aquarious Platform Lift

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