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Professional scissor lifts from CE lifts. We offer an extensive range of new scissor lifts and also specialise in sales, scissor lifts service and repair throughout the UK. Need a bespoke scissor lift solution - Call 07973 819822. Our scissor lifts are ideal for car showrooms, parking solutions for commercial & domestic uses. We also have a selection of scissor lifts for the freight & cargo industry.

Scissor Lifts Specialists

Specialists in scissor lifts, hydraulic scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts, we can supply and create bespoke sizes and configurations to suit your particular needs.

Scissor Lifts Services

CE lifts supply, install, service and repair scissor lifts throughout the UK, offering a quality service whatever your requirements.

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Scissor lifts are frequently used in garages. They lift the car to a position that all parts of the vehicle can be easily accessed for maintenance and repairs. Scissor lifts can be adapted to fit different makes and models of cars by adjusting the width of the platform and securely hold them in place whilst work is being undertaken.

Scissor lifts are extremely versatile for parking vehicles. Larger options are even able to accommodate vehicles with heavy engines and an extremely long wheel base due to the dimensions of the platform and the weight bearing capability, which can be up to 3000 kg. You can also get electric scissor lifts which allow a person to also be on board (and operate the lift while seated in the vehicle) if you require that flexibility.

An additional bonus is that they can be closed down and stored so as a result are space saving when not in use.

Please contact us if you are looking for a scissor lift - we're able to advise on which may best suit your needs.

Omer Rex PF Car Parking Lift

These lifting Car Parking Lift use a pantograph lifting system (scissor).

Capacity: N/A
Load: 3000kg
Scissor Lifts : Read more about Omer Rex PF Car Parking Lift
Omer Rex Gold Car Parking Lift

Omer Rex GOLD range car parking lift

Load: 3000kg
Scissor Lifts : Read more about Omer Rex Gold Car Parking Lift
Omer Totalrex Car Parking Lift

The Totalrex version increases the car parking lift family to allow people on board.

Load: 3000kg
Scissor Lifts : Read more about Omer Totalrex Car Parking Lift
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