Service Lifts ISO-A - Service height

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Service Lifts ISO-A - Service height. Perfect for the repeated movement of small loads.

Max load: 50- 300 KG

Industry Sectors:

Dumb Waiters |

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.




Galvanised steel structure made of cold rolled special profiles, premounted in 2-m-sections including trucking. 


Made of folded galvanised steel sheets, centred suspension, guided on both sides with adjustable guide shoes. All units on serving height are supplied with a removable shelf. Increments of 25 mm available.


Approved to DIN 18092 resp. 18090 as a bi-parting, single or double hinged type available. Approved door locks. Bi-parting doors suspended with 2 high flexible steel ropes, guided with aluminium sheaves in cage. All doors with pre-installed frame surrounds for easy installation. 


Single hinged door, double hinged for width over 800mm galvanised finish, with lock including frame surrounds.


Steel frame with 50 x 50 mm inserts. Adjustable guide shoes with polyamid inserts.


Up to 100kg capacity with sheave drive for 2 or 3 ropes. Units with 200 and 300 kg capacity with chain drive for 2 chains. High quality reduction gear with motor, magnetic disc break and handwheel. Insulation class IP54.



  • 24 Volt system on all push button units
  • Pre-wired as plug-in-system
  • Call and send operation on each landing station
  • Despatching delay service
  • Arrival buzzer and call signal
  • Position indicator on each landing station

Beside the proven standard lift types ISO-A, ISO-C and ISO-D, special designs are available for all clients requirements in compliance with local national regulations.

Drive units on the side If no sufficient space in headroom is available, the drive unit can be positioned above or below at the side of the shaft. 


Adjacent entrances 2 or 3 opening sides available.

Safety gear Requested on shafts with spaces underneath.

Ship lifts With safety gear and controller in compliance to Lloyds rules and regulations.

Undercounter lifts For installation in kitchens and bars under a counter with a minimum installation height.

Explosion proof Available on request for chemical industry, paint stocks or mills.

Automatic lifts E.g. for stocks and mail distribution.