SKG ISO-MAX 750/1000 Goods Lift

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Goods Lift without passenger transport with swing doors at floor level

Max load: 750 / 1000 KG

Industry Sectors:

Dumb Waiters | Goods Lifts |

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


Basic Equipment

Structure Galvanised structure made of cold-rolled special profiles, pre-installed in 2 m segments including plastic cable conduit.

Cabin Made of galvanised metal sheets, guided on 2 sides with adjustable guide shoes. Governor controlled safety gear, anti-slip device and electronic overload protection. 

Cabin area: 1000 x 1400 mm or 1275 x 1500 mm

Height: 1200 - 2000 mm available

Front loading or through loading conditions available.

Cabin is equipped with plastic bumper rails 100 mm high. Further options as per sales catalogue section 7 are available.

Doors Galvanised single hinged landing doors or double hinged doors in architrave frames, ready for installation. Quality controlled as per DIN 18090 by German TÜV with type tested door locks.

Machine room door Double hinged door with lock, galvanised finish, including architrave frame.

Drive unit Drive unit with standard motor, handwinding wheel and disc brake with hand release. Isolation class IP 54. 2 chains wheels. Including chain equaliser and slack chain switch. Free ends of chain with tension weight guides in plastic tubes. Drive unit located at top of shaft without counterweight.


  • 24 Volts on push button boxes 
  • complete pre-installed and plug in system 
  • call and send at each landing station 
  • dispatching delay device
  • adjustable acoustic arrival and call sign
  • position indicator at each landing station
  • motor protection switch pre-installed on control panel

The ISO-MAX is a goods only lift with two fixed cabin areas of 1,00 x 1,40 m or 1,275 x 1,500 m. Capacity 750 or 1000 kg. Lift unit complies with EU-Directive for machines and has an EU-Declaration of conformity of German TÜV Hannover/Sachsen Anhalt e.V.


  • Car and doors galvanised steel
  • Whole structure galvanised
  • Cabin from 1,20 to 2,00 m (in 100 mm increments)
  • 80% pre-assembled 
  • 50% saving in labour costs compared to oilhydraulic lifts
  • Self supporting structure
  • Metal sheet-cladding available, no separate machine-room
  • No concrete walls or masonry, savings in construction at least 4000 €
  • Pit only 270 mm deep