The Aquarious Platform Lift

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A modern designed Disabled access lift

Max load: 300 Kg

Industry Sectors:

Platform Lifts

This is a standard model/configuration. We can do any bespoke type/size made to your requirements.


The Aquarious Platform lift is a unique product with modern design, it adapts to any building, historical or modern, blending in harmoniously with any style.

With its clean and linear finish, Aquarius Platform Lift is equipped with side walls and glass gates with rounded edges, with no frame, and is available in various transparent shades to best fit with the surrounding environment.

 Rounded posts and handles that run the length of the glass walls characterise Aquarius Platform LIft line, which combines beauty with simplicity and safe functionality.

The Aquarius Platform Lift is equipped with hide-away bellow and touch sensitive edge under the perimeter of the platform, a safety feature also for those nearby.

Aquarius Platform Lift can be controlled aboard and from the button panel on the floors.

Aquarius Platform Lift does not require additional spaces: the command and control devices are integrated in the machine.

Aquarius Platform Lift is ideal for installations both indoors and outdoors